The Making Of HANDS

The process of how the HANDS pictures are taken is almost every time the same. Here you can see how it's done.

How The HANDS Photos Are Taken

To take the photos I just need five minutes of the artist’s time and a sturdy table. I bring a flash, a white background and of course my Leica Monochrom camera. With each artist I discuss how he wants to present his hands in a way that reflects his instrument and his unique playing style. Then we take two or three pictures and that’s it.

If you are a musician and willing to participate in my HANDS project, just let me know. To make it easy for both of us, I will visit one of your concerts in Germany and we will meet before or after the show. Of course you will get the picture by email after I did the post processing for your homepage or social media use.

By the way, if not mentioned otherwise, all the pictures below were taken by my dear friend Sven Kosakowski who joins me to the HANDS shootings whenever his schedule allows.

Steve Gadd

I am so thankful to be able to meet legends like Steve Gadd for my project. They played the soundtrack of my life, and it is such an honor to meet the person behind the legend. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Abe Laboriel

Shooting the HANDS of Abe Laboriel at the Warwick Bass Camp 2015. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Richie Kotzen

This was after a Winery Dogs concert at the Essigfabrik in Cologne. Thanks to Billy Sheehan to make this shooting happen. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Adrian Belew

Shooting Adrian Belew with guest star appearance of Julie Slick. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Craig Blundell

I shot Craig Blundell with the whole Steven Wilson band at one of the most wonderful location ever: the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. In the last picture you will find Nick Beggs waiting for his shoot. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Steven Wilson

To meet Steven Wilson at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum was quite an experience. After I told him my ideas he immediately started to work with it in a very creative way. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Phil X, Daniel Spriewald and Divinity Roxx

I met Phil and Daniel at the Warwick Bass Camp 2015. Divinity also joined us for her reshoot, and we just had a good time. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)

Bakithi Kumalo & Ana Orias Balderas

Finally the making-of of the probably most iconic HANDS shot I took so far. (Pictures by Sven Kosakowski)