The HANDS Project

by Marc Mennigmann


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Carla Bley's HANDS

About the HANDS Project

« The story of music through the story of the hands that make it »

When a photographer takes a portrait of a musician, he most likely pictures the face, or the musician with his instrument. “HANDS” is going another way. I picture the part of the musician that has a significant part on making the tone, playing the note, or initiating the sound – his hands.

Project Goals

1. Print A Book

My current plan is to release a book with a huge selection of pictures in 2018. Anyway this is only an idea yet, as I am quite busy with acquiring, shooting, retouching, printing, and all the stuff related to the exhibitions. Stay tuned for the HANDS Book!

The photo by the way shows Chuck Rainey and me. I was explaining my concept using a very early prototype of the HANDS book.

2. Prints & Exhibitions

I am always working on large printed versions (35″ x 20″) of selected hands that are exposed in galleries and music related places like jazzclubs and concert venues.
The collection of prints is currently more than 40 pictures, most with an accompanying live shot. If you are interested to expose them in your location please contact me.

For some high-res examples of the HANDS pictures, please visit the gallery.

3. Grow The Archive

The list of participating musicians is already way beyond 200. I am constantly looking for concerts that I like to visit, meet the artists and shoot their hands. So when you are out there on the road, close to my location, you might get a mail soon…

For a complete list of the participating artists please visit this page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Leverkusener Jazztage

Nov. 2018

This is going to be huge. More details will follow, but a lot of HANDS will be exposed at the 39th Leverkusener Jazztage in November 2018.
Stay tuned for more details.

Past Exhibitions

21. Jazzfestival TU Dortmund

Jan. 21, 2017

40 large scale prints and a lot of accompanying stage shots will be exposed at the Jazzfestival of the TU Dortmund, Germany. Jan. 21, 2017 – Save the date!


May to June 2016

The first official HANDS exhibition. Over 30 large scale prints were exposed in a Rock’s’Roll bar in Lünen, Germany from May to June 2016.

SUPER Coffee, Lagos

July to September 2016

The pictures were exposed in a nice shop for coffee, food, art and handmade products at the wonderful Algarve in Portugal from July to September 2016.

Artist Comments

Carla and I agree – the photos are wonderful! Thanks for including us. Steve Swallow


Congratulations on your beautiful work!

Jon Gomm


Amazing!!! That came out great. I think it says it all!!

Rex Brown


This is beautiful!! And BRILLIANT! Our hands say so much about us. So honored to be featured with some of my favorites and bass idols!

Nik West


Thank you Marc for bringing all these epic hands together .. Honoured to be part of this beautiful project.

Tanya O’Callaghan


Ein sehr beeindruckendes Projekt.

Ufo Walter


My compliments on your aesthetic visioning book project. I am honored to be part of it.
Really excellent photography, Marc. Bravo.

Peter Erskine


The story of our music through the stories in our hands. Grateful to be a part of it!

Steve Lawson


Love this. So great to be in the company of so many great musicians. Thanx Marc. This project is such a remarkable one!

Divinity Roxx


This is a beautiful project and it could not be in better HANDS.

Sari Schorr


The idea, in itself, might seem simple. These pictures, however, reveal a truly unique look at our last pitstop in human appendixes before bodily motions take over to vibrating strings, hitting drums, creating music, and, every once in a while, hopefully making some magic. HANDS is not only a fascinating study in human anatomy but also a captivating look of the relationship we have with our instruments. Every wrinkle on every hand tells a different story. Jaan Wessmann


T-Shirts Available

The most iconic HANDS photo as artwork on a Classic Jersey T-Shirt made from 100% Combed Organic Cotton. Front side shows the hands of Bakithi Kumalo and Ana Orias Balderas. Backside shows the hands motto. Men’s M, L, XL and woman’s S, M, L available.


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About The Photographer

Marc Mennigmann

Marc Mennigmann

Photographer, Musician, whatever...

Marc Mennigmann (born 1970) worked as a session musician for piano and Chapman Stick in the 1990s and founded two companies which both still exist.

He started photography for fun in the new millennium using medium format film and a Lomo camera. Later he switched to digital photography, covering everything from landscapes and animals to people and product photography.

Currently his main interest is taking portraits and, due he is still an active musician himself, shooting musicians on and behind the stage.

You can contact Marc on this page.

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Here you can see some high-res versions of the HANDS pictures.


A complete list of the artists already participating the HANDS project.

Making Of

Some infos about how the HANDS pictures are made, and a ton of making-of pictures.


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