A Gallery Of HANDS

See some of the hands. There is a video presentation and some high resolution pictures below.

Virtual Gallery

A virtual gallery walk including the hands and stage pictures of Al Di Meola, Billy Sheehan, Carly Bley, Divinity Roxx, Joe Satriani, Steve Gadd and others. While watching the pictures you will be additionally entertained by some nice music of the wonderful solo bass artist Steve Lawson who recorded the song live at the first HANDS exhibition in 2016.

Some more pictures

This is a small selection of the almost 250 artists I photographed for the HANDS project. Click on the pictures for a larger version and make sure to watch on the largest screen available!

Carla Bley

Jazz composer, pianist, organist and bandleader. An important figure in the free jazz movement of the 1960s.

Steve Gadd

Steve is one of the most well-known and highly regarded session and studio drummers in the industry.

Billy Sheehan

Known for his work with David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Winery Dogs, Steve Vai. Five times voted “Best Rock Bass Player” from Guitar Player magazine.

Tony Levin

Mostly known for playing electric bass, Chapman Stick and upright bass with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. Anyway he appears on more than 500 records from David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Tom Waits and many others.

Eric Gales

American blues-rock guitarist. As of 2018 Gales has recorded twelve albums for major record labels.

John Abercrombie

(Dec. 16, 1944 – Aug. 22, 2017) “I’d like people to perceive me as having a direct connection to the history of jazz guitar, while expanding some musical boundaries.” John played on more than 50 ECM sessions.

Nik West

Vocalist, songwriter, and bassist with credits that include work with Quincy Jones Productions, Prince, Glee, and American Idol.

Chester Thompson

He played all the complicated drum parts for Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Genesis, and many more.

Jon Gomm

Acoustic solo artist / singer songwriter / virtuoso guitarist from the UK. Creates drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously on his acoustic guitar, named “Wilma”.