Phew, this took a while. I finally finished the work on all current HANDS shots I did. Currently the process from the RAW camera file to the final version takes about 20-30 minutes per picture, sometimes even more. Each artists I shot should finally have received an email with his personal HANDS picture. (If you are reading this and didn’t received yours, please drop me a line.)
Anyway this is not the end of my work. The next step will be the preparation of all the pictures that will be exposed on Jan. 21 at the Jazzfestival in Dortmund. I will need to check them again for consistency, retouche mistakes, and crop them again for printing. Further I need so select the stage shots for about 20 pictures from my archive. These also need to be prepared for printing. All this will take a while but needs to be done before Christmas.
Besides that I am always looking for concerts of artists that might be a good addition to the collection, contacting them, their management, schedule shootings, and so on and so on…
So yes, there is always a lot to do, a project like this takes time and endurance. And it would help me a lot if you spread the word of HANDS. Tell your friends about the project, direct them to or the HANDS facebook page. Or maybe let them know about the new Telegram Channel or the HANDS Newsletter. Whatever you do is helpful. Thanks for your support.