With the photo series “HANDS”, music photographer Marc Mennigmann portrays musicians in an unusual way. He photographs her hands, detached from the instrument, because “the hands are the body part of the musician, who is decisively involved in the shaping of the tone, in the production of the sound, and in which lifelong practice and music-making leave most traces,” says Mennigmann.

In the meantime, he has portrayed almost 250 musicians in his own way, all pictures in classic black and white, with each picture of the hands including a photograph of the musician on stage with his instrument. This gives the hands, floating freely in space, the necessary context.

The list of participating musicians includes jazz legends like John Abercrombie, Steve Gadd and Carla Bley as well as musicians like T.M. Stevens, Steven Wilson and Tony Levin.
Further information about the project and a complete list of musicians can be found at https://hands-project.de.

The exhibition in the foyer and in the roof theatre can be seen during opening hours on event days.
We cordially invite you to the exhibition opening in the run-up to the first concert date of the Jazz Live series on 11.10.2018, 18:30.

Theater am Wall
Wilhelmsplatz 9
48231 Warendorf